Why Choose Nilaa?

Buying sheets is an important investment in your well-being. Passionate sleepers have long gravitated to premium bedding for the quality of rest that the extra investment in comfort can bring. And while fine bedding has become more accessible in recent years as new brands brought high quality to direct-to-consumer models, we believe that there is a strong, compelling reason why passionate sleepers should consider Nilaa:

We use better materials for better bedding and a better night’s sleep – all for less cost to you.

Even among the growing field of direct, fine bedding brands, Nilaa’s premium Percale and Sateen cotton sheets are often the most affordable, 100% organic and Certified Fairtrade sheets you will find in the market. If you compare Nilaa sheets versus similar competitor products, you will find Nilaa sheets with a superior 400-thread count craftsmanship and yet pricing that is 15-25% lower in cost.

So how do we do it?

Because our products are made to order and shipped directly from our own factory to the consumer, we eliminate not only the sourcing agents and middlemen, but also the warehousing and other inventory cost that most direct to consumer brands still require. That allows us to make luxury hotel product with free shipping and still provide a better price for you.


Part of that success is our own factory in Tamil Nadu, India. Nilaa may be a new brand, but our factory has operated for over 50 years, building unrivaled textile expertise serving high-end consumers in Paris, Milan and Stockholm under the Linum brand. 


Starting now in 2021, we are now bringing our textile expertise to the US. With what we call a “Four Win” ambition, we are creating a more better dynamic for the consumer, for our craftsmen, for us as entrepreneurs and for the Earth.

By offering you the conscious choice for a good night’s sleep, we believe we have a strong advantage and hope you will give us a try.


Nilaa co-founder and passionate sleeper


Like what you see? Shop Nilaa's better materials, better bedding, and better night's sleep.

-Filip & Sujini (Nilaa cofounders)