Why We Started Nilaa

Hi, and welcome to Nilaa. We're a new, organic home textiles business built on 50+ years of crafting fine bedding and bath for homes. For those wanting to explore our journey and how we launched a 50-year old start-up, dive into our story here

First though, I want to share a little more about why we started Nilaa...

I am a passionate sleeper. 

To me, sleep is magic. 
It's what makes me positive, it's what gives me energy, it's what makes me a more caring human being. 
It's literally the stuff that dreams are made of.

I believe in people.
My family and friends. 
Our Nilaa community with my dear co-funders Sujini (Design) and Karthi (Textile engineering).
Our highly skilled craftsmen in our southern India Factory.
And Sven, my mentor that started it all with Palni 50 years ago, under the banner of "trade not aid."
I believe in socially responsible business.
A living salary and hope for a better life for our craftsmen.
Responsible successful social entrepreneurship. 
Ethically-sourced and responsibly-made luxury product, leaving the Earth in better shape. 
And yes, the option for a more affordable, conscious choice for a good night's sleep for you.
Our path to launching this business may have been long and winding, but the motivations are simple: More good nights of sleep, a belief in humanity, stars aligning, and the audacious ambition for 4 wins - that's why we started Nilaa.
Sweet dreams,

Like what you see? Shop Nilaa's better materials, better bedding, and better night's sleep.

-Filip & Sujini (Nilaa cofounders)