"Earth" in Kannada and "Moon" in Tamil. A regenerating cycle of natural connection, companionship, and comfort.

Our Origins

In 1966, a Swedish humanist named Sven and an Indian entrepreneur named Palani formed a partnership based on big hearts and ambitions. Together they created a successful business of fine linens, towels, and robes, that valued organic materials, ethical sourcing and a commitment to care for their community of suppliers, workers, and craftsmen.

They cultivated a healthy, growing business and cemented their values-based philosophy into a second-generation family business. Their products sold everywhere from Paris to Stockholm and Milan, and they pushed for sustainable farming practices, social, economic, and labor rights along their supply chain, and community reinvestment projects.


Nilaa is Born

A half-century later, Nilaa was born from the question, “How do we take 50-plus years of textile expertise and social stewardship into a sustainable 21st century business model that can go further in its care for product, workers, and the planet?”

Led by the founders’ second generation, Nilaa takes inspiration from “earth” in the Kannada language of southwest India, staying true to its roots using organic, natural materials for crafting fine textiles for the most personal spaces of your home. In breaking from traditional wholesale retail, Nilaa reconnects to those dreamy ambitions to bring sustainable, socially-responsible, fine bedding and bath essentials – made-to-order and directly to you.

Our Skill

We have decades of experience crafting high-quality, Fair Trade Certified™, organic cotton and linen into keenly-detailed sheets, duvets, blankets, bedding sets, towels, and robes. Through purposeful design, attention to detail, and fine materials, we pride ourselves on bedding and bath collections with a soft, luxurious next-to-skin feel from the comfort of your bed at night to the coziness of the waking day – all with timeless style.

Our Difference

We believe that directly connecting craftsmen and consumers delivers a better product and fairer price for the customer, better care for the worker, and better focus on social responsibility and sustainability. By cutting out the expensive, opaque middlemen and retail distribution, we offer farm to home transparency. We provide fair pay for our workers, give back to our community, reduce our environmental impact, and pass savings back to you – without sacrificing the quality of our beautiful, made-to-order bedding and bath essentials.

Our Values

  1. Exceptional Quality: The Details Make the Difference
  2. Direct to Consumer: Made to Order, from Farm to Home
  3. Responsibly Crafted: Ethically Made & Sourced
  4. Care for Community: Our Suppliers, Our Workers, Our World