Our bedding

Our bedding

Crafted for your comfort

At Nilaa we take materials very seriously! High-quality, ethical, and sustainable materials are the starting point for all that we do, and their quality and origin determine the very nature of the products that we create. We use only certified organic & Fairtrade® cotton! This ensures that the farmers who grow our cotton are fairly compensated and the planet is treated well.

We wave and treat our fabrics in accordance to GOTS organic standards - the highest standard in the world for organic textiles. This ensures that the people and the planet are not harmed in any step of the process from the fiber to the end product.


Our signature waffle duvets are woven with a 2-ply 60's count yarn using certified organic cotton. They are washed to create the unique bubbly texture that's guaranteed to make you snuggle.



We weave our blankets from a super-soft 100% certified organic slubby cotton to give them a unique structure. Our blankets are pre-washed to make them exceptionally soft and cozy.