A good night's sleep is vital to your well-being, and your bed plays a key role in getting that perfect night's sleep. But with all the options out there - from materials to types of bedding - and the infinite range of personal preferences for comfort, how do you know where to being? Whether you're shopping for new bedding for the first time, or if you're looking for a way to improve your comfort, we're here to help. Let us guide you through the different materials, bedding styles, sizes, and other key considerations for a better night's sleep.


Ask people how many pillows or blankets they have on their bed, and you'll quickly get a sense of how different each person's preference is for where they sleep. At Nilaa, we make fine bedding and home textiles for the everything from the most minimal approach to the most richly appointed bed. Understand the different components of a bed below to help figure out what items you're after. 

Bedding Components

Sheets are available as Sheet Separates (individual items) or Sheet Sets (with flat + fitted sheets bundled together with pillowcases, or in Minimalist Sheet Sets that has a fitted sheet + pillowcases). 
Fitted Sheet (4): The bottom sheet has deep pockets to go over your mattress (and mattress topper if you have one), with elastic around all sides to stay in place.
Flat Sheet (1): A flat sheet is usually placed above the fitted sheet, but below a duvet or blanket. 

Pillow Cases (3):
A regular cover for your pillow, made of the same material as your sheets, with an opening on one end.  
Shams (2): A decorative pillow case that matches the duvet cover material or other complementary style. They are often used as a decorative accessory, though they can still be used like a regular pillow case. 

Duvet Cover (6): A duvet cover is a protective fabric layer that slips over a duvet for additional warmth & comfort on your bed. Open on one end with button closures, they have internal ties to keep a duvet in place. Duvet covers are available in separates or in sets (which come with matching shams).
Blanket (5): An additional layer of soft, woven cloth that can be used as decoration or for additional comfort, weight, or warmth. 

A Note About Bundles & Sets

While all of our products are offered as separates for individual sale, we're proud to offer Nilaa bedding through bundles and sets so that you can save more when you buy popular bedding items together. Here's what is included in our sets and bundles:

Bedding Bundles: 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases, 1 duvet cover, 2 shams (duvet insert and pillows not included). 

Sheet Set: 1 flat sheet, 1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases

Minimalist Sheet Set:
1 fitted sheet, 2 pillowcases

Duvet Set:
1 duvet cover and 2 decorative shams (duvet insert and pillows not included).

Pillowcase Set:
2 pillowcases

Sham Set:
2 decorative shams

bedding materials: How to choose?

Different Materials for Different Preferences

When it comes to what makes a comfortable bed, everything is personal. Just as you discover over time a preference for firmness/softness or materials/construction in a mattress, it can take some time and trial of different types of bedding to find what fits your idea of comfort the best. 

When buying bedding, many people first consider their climate (warm or cold environment), then what type of sleeper they are (do you run hot at night, or are you always seeking warmth?) when looking at sheets. But beyond that, there's the personal preference for feel on skin (matte crispness versus silky smooth versus light texture), as well as the aesthetic provided by different materials. Below we'll guide you through the different materIals we use in making Nilaa sheets and bedding.

For a Crisp Look & Cool Feel: Organic Percale

Percale refers to a type of cotton weave where the threads go one-under-one-over for a tight-knit, smooth, and durable structure commonly used to make bed sheets, pillowcases, and other bedding. The main characteristic of percale sheets is a matte finish and crisp, cool feel that gets softer with every wash. 

Our percale sheets are woven with 2-ply 80's count yarn, to a 400 thread count using certified organic and Fairtrade® cotton. This ensures the fabric is soft and breathable, keeps you cool and does not wrinkle excessively.

The Bottom Line: Our organic Percale sheets and bedding feel cool and crisp against your skin, making them perfect for warmer temperatures and sleepers who want breathability and a crisp, fresh feel.


For a Soft & Silky Touch: Organic Sateen

Sateen also refers to the weave used to make bedding. In contrast to the one-under-one-over weave of percale, the sateen weave uses threads in a one-under-four-yarns-over pattern that gives it a slightly heavier and warmer feel with more sheen than percale. 

Our organic cotton sateen sheets are woven with single 80's count yarn to 400 thread-count using certified organic and Fairtrade® cotton. This creates a supple fabric that feels silky and smooth feel against your skin.

The Bottom Line: Slightly heavier than our Percale bedding, our organic Sateen bedding and sheets are great for sleepers wanting a decadently soft feel year-round.


For a Relaxed Look & Airy Comfort: Natural Linen

While percale and sateen bedding represent different weaves from cotton, linen bedding uses fibers derived from flax plants and spun into yarn for a wholly different material feel. While not as smooth or crisp as cotton, Linen sheets and bedding are best known for their unique texture, airy breathability and easy, relaxed appearance. 

Our linen sheets and bedding uses a unique fiber from European flax that is naturally grown, consumes less water, and doesn't use harmful pesticides. Our linen sheets are woven to a 5oz per square yard finish to create supremely soft bedding with exceptional breathability.

The Bottom Line: With a cool feeling in the summer and warm feeling in the winter, our natural linen bedding and sheets offer comfort and versatility with a more relaxed, less formal look.


No matter what type of Nilaa sheets or material you use, you can rest assured that we use only the best in high-quality, organic cotton and all-natural linen. You can rest a little easier at night with ethically-sourced and responsibly-made materials that create an amazing-feeling sleep experience. 

HOW TO sizE your bedding

Bedding Sizes

Sizing sheets is pretty straightforward - the sheet size that you need will correspond directly to the size of your mattress:
-California King 

Blankets and duvets are sized slightly larger to drape over your bed, and use consolidated sizing. For our blankets, duvet sets, and duvet separates, we offer the following sizes: 
-Full / Queen
-King / California King


Now that you've explored the materials, the types of bedding, and the sizing considerations for your purchase, discover the sets and products that we are proud to offer - made to order and direct to your home: